Manhunt For Suspect In Burlingame Bank Robbery

CBS San Francisco

BURLINGAME (CBS SF) — A Wells Fargo bank in Burlingame was robbed Saturday afternoon, according to police.

The bank robbery occurred around 2 p.m. at 1435 Burlingame Ave., according to police.

The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 35 to 45 years old, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 175 pounds.

Anyone with information on this suspect or incident should contact police at (650) 777-4100.

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Snowden Case Illustrates Decline In U.S.-Russia Relations : NPR

Obama is weak

Talk & Politics

Some afterthoughts on the Snowden affair.. and how things have deteriorated with the return of Putin.. as widely expected…

President Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Northern Ireland in June.

U.S.-Russia relations hit a new low this week, when Moscow ignored U.S. requests and gave temporary asylum to a man who leaked classified documents on U.S. government surveillance programs.

Many in Congress are complaining that the Edward Snowden case is just the latest example of how the Kremlin is thumbing its nose at the White House.

The Obama administration famously reset relations with Russia when Dmitry Medvedev was president. But now that Russian President Vladimir Putin is back in the Kremlin, it seems to be having a more difficult time.

Presidents Obama and Putin had what looked to be a very awkward meeting in Northern Ireland this year. While Obama tried to lighten the mood by talking about their waning sports skills as they age, Putin coldly remarked that the…

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The Story of Benghazi


Esam Omran Al-Fetori/Reuters/Landov

I saw a quip on Twitter the other day, something to the effect that George Zimmerman should change his name to Ben Ghazi and the media would stop talking about him.   It made me chuckle in a sardonic sort of way, because it isn’t far from the truth.  I wrote a post about the tragedy at the embassy in Benghazi right after it happened and I put a dumb film and its’ even dumber producers on blast, believing the “talking points” issued from the White House.  Silly, naive me.  You’d think that after all the years I’ve spent, all of those college courses I took learning about politics and politicians I’d know better.   So for that, it’s a case of shame on me.

After a few weeks passed and the dust settled and the administration drafted talking points after talking points, what happened in Benghazi became barely…

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Top secret Sales Trainers & Marketing Secret Players


Behind the scenes!

Cory Grambart is one of the leaders in behind the scene marketing projects. From his experiences, to the top end Companies that use him, guys like him are shrouded in mystery.  Many of them come from questionable backgrounds and have developed their skills over many years. To get a hard core sales & marketing trainers like this, you have to understand what motivates them,” Money”. Guys like him are project motivated, they put processes into place for sales teams and accountability for management and talent assessment. I am finding guys like this never disclose their clients.  Privacy and not taking credit for successful campaigns is why companies that use people like Cory are so happy with the end result. Taking the blame even when there is not a single shred of fault. So who uses them, Car dealers, Network marketing companies, major corporations, Fortune 500 companies, you name it these guys are usually personally refereed in the privileged circle’s among Ceo’s, and upper management. Guys like this are becoming more of a useful asset. We highlight Cory Grambart because he is discussed highly and has some very wealthy and powerful friends. Yes these guys usually have alot of enemies, But like Cory told our corespondent and i quote ” If they are not talking bad about you, then you are not doing anything.” Everyone likes the quiet guy that never makes any waves. This is an introduction to a new and up and coming position in the food chain of business.

Article by Evon Thopmson